Copyright Notice

Warwick Economics Exchange (W.E.E.) is initiated to promote the spread and exchange of thoughts generated by future economists. We treat copyright and academic ethics matters cautiously.

By participating, all participants are obligated to obey copyright law and general code of practice for academic activities. Additionally, without the expressive permission from the speakers, video/audio recording is strictly prohibited. For the presentation, references and data sources should be fully displayed. No participant should spread the event materials distributed on-site, or presentation content to a third party since they may contain unpublished academic work. Acknowledgement should be given appropriately in participants’ future dissertations/publications for any adopted advice and comments from other participants.

The copyright of photographs and articles on this website are owned or controlled by the Warwick Economics Exchange and Warwick Economics Department. Most articles are provided by the speakers to present their opinions and findings completely and accurately. The full content of this website, all presentation content delivered, and all materials distributed on-line or on-site are considered as intellectual or academic work and strictly protected by copyright law. All rights reserved.