Distinguished Lectures

As Newton wrote, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Our Distinguished Lectures are an opportunity for the students to interact with leading economists. Through its sound reputation and well-established academic network, the Warwick Economics Department connects us with the foremost intellectuals from all areas of the world of economics – prestigious Nobel Laureate, renowned academicians, influential central bankers and policy-makers.

The format of the Distinguished Lectures is a two-hour formal lecture, followed by an inspirational Q & A session, where participants raise questions, advance arguments and even challenge the experts open-mindedly. The informal drinks reception thereafter is a place where our students get a chance to individually interact with the speaker and establish a professional connection. Every Distinguished Lectures deepen participants’ understanding of the economics profession, helping them move a step further in the pursuit of their academic or professional career in economics.

The updates on Distinguished Lectures is being provided on Warwick Economics Department Events websiteThe catalogue for 2012/13 Distinguished Lectures can be found here.