— Q & A

This page provides additional information on the Dissertation Colloquium. Please also refer to the other pages on the left.


Q: My dissertation is still in its initial stages. Is it possible for me to present?
A: Absolutely. The idea of the dissertation colloquium is to provide you with valuable feedback even if your research is preliminary – you may even get inputs for extending your findings!

Q: What should be the format of the presentation?
A: You would ideally be expected to be prepared with presentation for not more than 20 minutes, following which there would be a Q & A session for maximum 10 minutes. The contents could be a short description of your topic, methodology, your preliminary finding, and possible conclusions.

Q: What should I bring along for my presentation?
A: Just your USB flash drive containing your PowerPoint slides or anything else that you might need to refer to while presenting.



Q: What is the procedure for registration/certificate issuance?
A: Please complete the on-line registration form before the deadline. On the day of the event, our registration starts at 10:00. Please be there on time as the colloquium will start promptly at 10:30. There will be different queues for different types of participants and please follow the instruction of our staff. We will issue the certificates after the closing address at 16:30 and it must be collected in person and will not be available afterwards.

Q: What kind of dress code should I follow?
A: Following our tradition to provide a relaxed and engaging environment, we suggest that you stick to a semi-formal attire.

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